Sunday, April 14, 2013

Assignment #4

Local Public Service Announcement - BMW's Don't Text and Drive




CONCEPT - The concept for this PSA is by using an image of a drive holding a hand phone to show that the driver is texting while driving. On the hand phone screen have an image of a kid on the road that trying to take his ball which the ball was out outside of the hand phone screen.

RATIONALE - This is actually a campaign Dont Txt & Drive by BMW which they are trying to remind to people that texting while driving can occur an accident. No matter how slow you are that time, if your eyes is not on the road it can cause accident. The PSA shows that this driver is driving around home area which there will be kids playing on the roadside and if the drivers did not realize what is happening in front of them, they might hit someone.

International Public Service Announcement - Global Warming



CONCEPT - The concept used for this ads is global warming. Instead of just using the same visual that show how the global warming can effect the earth, which is the melting of the Atlantic ices is use how every time the ice melt, it increase the level of the sea water. By showing the visual of two different situation that happen in the same time, it can make the viewers interpret and understand more about global warming. Besides the earth getting hot, its also increase the level of the sea water which can sink the land slowly.

Assignment #3

In order to make an advertisement, for any types such as tv commercial, print ad or anything. People have to look for the ideas and concept before they can put it into graphic or sketches. Idea basically is a terms or one word expression for the instruction given in making the ads. After they have the ideas, they can think about the concept so that both idea and concept can adapt with each other. This can make the advertisement attract people and usually the most simple idea and concept can make people remember about it.


IDEA : freshness, existent,  camouflager
CONCEPT : . The concept used in this TVC is by using the idea of freshness to show the element of freshness when you eat the chewing gum. Meanwhile the idea of existent and camouflager used in this commercial is to show that when you eat Wrigley's Doublemint, you will not be invisible to others because they can smell the gum that you chew. It is also to show that people need to be more socialize instead of waiting for someone to talk to you.


IDEA: panorama, iphone, kids.
CONCEPT: This TVC has used the idea of panorama because they want to show how the functions of panorama in the camera actually works. They just need an iPhone 5 and some kids that wear animals outfit and standing in a straight line and say cheese. When the person holding the iPhone 5 start to push the panorama button, they captured the image of the kids from left to right. The result of the action is the picture can be put in a panorama frame since it can combine the image of the kids standing in a straight line. It shows how only by using iPhone, a person can captured a panorama image and can even used the picture as a decoration in their room.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Assignment #2

well, actually he's not my idol but i just make him as one recently.
i barely know him but after i knew everything that he had done, i was so amaze.
that's is one of the reason why i chose him instead of other people.
so enough with the 'but' and let's move on with the story.

why i choose him? why not someone that is famous or well known? or a legendary?
it's because i want people to know more about him. know what he have done and know why he listed as a creative person.
he's also known among his fan or followers as "Steve Job Malaysia".

the person that i chose to be my creative idol is late Azli Paat, Malaysian IT expert.

he's among the first Malay people that talk loudly about IT and communications since the 90's through out the radio and television. his current appearance is on Bernama Radio24 on "Azli on Air" programme daily at 7:30am where he shares his insight about IT and communications. using Malay language in sharing information, people starting to like him and want to know more about him. he never missed the slot and will use any kind of way to consistently shared information about IT all the listeners.


he is the founder of DAPAT service, the sms messaging shortcode business operator which owned the 32728 SMS shortcode which has revolutionize the local sms content business with its innovative uses of their services, especially in the government sector.
this service has been used by almost all government sector.

another creative innovation made by him is the RakanCop system where by its been used by all the police where the Malaysian community can cooperate with police through sms. bu using this system, Malaysian police can easily detect if there's any crime happening around the area.

his new achievement is ADA system which ceeated to connect people only by using sms. any kind of calls, messages will be send through sms. this system is still new and still got some adjustment need to be done.

however, he already passed away last month at his house because of high fever and lung infection. he died at a very young age and Malaysian totally felt the lost. it's very difficult to find someone like him. he will always be the mentor to all IT enthusiast.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Assignment #1

Steuart Henderson Britt

Business and advertising is something that can't be separated. Advertising is a business and business need advertising. Both depends on each other. Based on the quote give, we can understood that without advertising any business would be a failure. What is the point on doing a business without giving awareness
about it to other people. This situation is equal as winking at a girl in the dark.

Even there is hundreds people around you but if it's in the dark, no one will know what you are doing except by yourself. Same goes to business. If you doing something that can change the world but you didn't advertise it, the world will never know and your business is nothing. A simple or small ads may change the business situation. Either they go down or success in what they are doing.

Advertising helps in selling all kinds of products and services. Doing business is not all about selling things but it's also about promoting your business to other people. Advertising give such a huge impact to the society in deciding which products or services that they want to use. Advertisement that can attract people at one glance is the most effective towards consumer. The design of the advertisement and the product placement also important in determine the success of the business.

Advertising is about awareness and effectiveness.